Where Your Money Goes

how your money helps graph

Figures based on 2016 estimates

  • Every cent of Vision Sports Ireland (VSI) annual income goes to support sports activities for vision impaired people
  • Less than €1 in every €3 of annual income goes towards administrative overheads e.g. office (including salaries), insurance, telephone, postage etc.
  • Every cent raised through voluntary fundraising goes directly into core sports as well as sports development.
  • Members and supporters give of their time voluntarily with no remuneration of any kind.
  • VSI has no full time staff. We employ a part-time Executive Officer to support essential work which, if not completed, would mean our national organisation would almost certainly not exist. Our Executive Officer reports directly to our volunteer Board of Directors.
  • All Board Members and support committees give of their time voluntarily with no remuneration of any kind.

Vision Sports Ireland receives annual income from Sport Ireland, NCBI, FAI, member contributions and donations.

Please view our draft annual report for 2015 which was unanimously adopted at our 2016 AGM on 7th May 2016.

Please view our updated Case for Support where you will meet our members, find out quickly what we do and why we need to finds fund to support sports development to assist vision impaired people climb on to the ladder of sport.